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International symposium miCROPe2024 "Microbe-assisted crop production - opportunities, challenges and needs", July 15-18, 2024, Vienna, Austria

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Dear colleagues,

Angela SessitschWith great pleasure I announce the upcoming miCROPe 2024 conference - Microbe-assisted crop production – opportunities, challenges and needs! Becoming a true tradition but based on the feedback and preferences of our conference participants, it is getting a summer conference. miCROPe 2024 will take place again in Vienna, from 15-18 July 2024, giving you the opportunity to enjoy lovely summertime in Vienna and surroundings.

There is unbroken interest in soil and plant microbiomes and their important contribution in agro-systems. Plant microbiota are diverse and provide important functions for their host’s performance, and mediate functions like nutrient delivery, fitness, stress tolerance, and pathogen or pest control. Current understanding of plant-microbe interactions is helping to develop microbial products, new applications to improve crop production, and create alternatives to chemicals. Microbial ecology is an important asset for understanding the fate of applied microorganisms in a natural environment, and for affecting product development. Greater understanding of microbiome functioning will also lead to new routes of exploration.

Following the ambition of the previous conferences, we aim to link basic understanding with challenges encountered in application and to bring in novel trends how to explore and make use of microbiomes for plant production. Also, miCROPe 2024 aims to provide interesting content to scientists in academia as well as in industry and to facilitate joint discussions. Scientific sessions will address different functions of microorganisms in crop production, ranging from biocontrol to nutrition and stress resilience. Furthermore, we will address plant mechanisms, functional understanding, multipartite interactions and most importantly also address how microbiomes can be translated in field applications.

The symposium will be held in the Apothekertrakt of the famous Schönbrunn castle, easy to reach from the Vienna city center and surrounded by a beautiful park area. We invite you to present exciting results, engage in discussions with experts from academia and industry and enjoy the historic and cultural sites of Vienna.

Looking forward to meeting you in Vienna at the miCROPe 2024!

Angela Sessitsch
on behalf of the Organizing Committee

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Bringing microbial applications into practice

Climate change, plant microbiomes and plant abiotic stress tolerance

Microbiomes and plant nutrition

Plant microbiome functions

Plant microbiomes and food quality

Plant mechanisms to interact with plant beneficial microorganisms

Plant breeding for beneficial plant-microbe interactions

Multi-partite interactions

Microbial biocontrol of pests, pathogens and weeds

Application of SynComs, new delivery approaches and emerging trends

Data sciences and microbiome-based precision approaches



Sofie Goormachtig (Keynote Speaker)
University of Gent, BE

Jan Leach (Keynote Speaker)
Colorado State University, US

Ahmed Abdelfattah
Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy,DE

Livio Antonielli
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, AT

Olubukola Oluranti Babalola
North-West University, ZA

Raffaella Balestrini
National Research Council, IT

Gabriele Berg
Graz University of Technology, AT

Jesus Mercado Blanco

Stéphane Compant
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, AT

Maged Saad

Omri Finkel
Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem, IL

Martin Hartmann
ETH Zürich, CH

Monica Höfte
Ghent University, BE

Mariangela Hungria

Britt Koskella
UC Berkeley, US

Tanja Kostic
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, AT

Sylvie Mazurier

Monika Messmer

Simona Radutoiu
University of Aarhus, DK

Kenichi Tsuda
Huazhong Agricultural University, CN

Corinne Vacher

Philippe Vandenkoornhuyse
University Rennes, FR

Étienne Yergeau


Looking forward to meeting you in Vienna at miCROPe 2024!
Your miCROPe Organizing Committee

Angela Sessitsch
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Stéphane Compant
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Tanja Kostic
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Walter Glaser
ÖGMBT Austrian Association of Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology

Alexandra Khassidov
ÖGMBT Austrian Association of Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology