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DEC. 4 - 7, 2017

Welcome Note

Angela SessitschDear colleagues,
The global demographic development and climate change pose a threat on crop production in many areas. There is a need to intensify agricultural production in a sustainable manner and to find solutions to combat abiotic stress, pathogens and pests. Plants are associated with complex microbiota, which are known to promote plant growth and stress tolerance, support plant nutrition and antagonize plant pathogens. The integration of beneficial plant-microbe and microbial interactions might represent a promising solution to improve agricultural production.

The symposium "Microbe-assisted crop production - opportunities, challenges and needs" (miCROPe 2017) will encompass aspects ranging from basic understanding of plant-microbe interactions to commercial application of microbial products in crop production. It is our aim to bring together participants from academia, industry as well as from the public and farming sector to discuss together the latest developments and future opportunities in this field.

The highly interesting scientific program will be flanked by multiple activities such as sightseeing, cultural events and a miCROPe party. We hope that you will join "miCROPe 2017" to discuss the most recent research findings and their implications for agricultural application and look forward to welcoming you in Vienna during the unique Christmas atmosphere, 4 to 7 December 2017.

Angela Sessitsch
on behalf of the Organizing Committee


Successful microbial products

Microorganisms for rural development

New mechanisms involved in beneficial plant-microbe interactions

Plant understanding and improvement of beneficial interactions with microbes

Phytobiomes Alliance

The holobiont plant: multitrophic interactions

The holobiont plant: microbiome understanding

Application technologies & formulations

Future of microbial products & regulatory issues


Esperanza Martínez-Romero
National Autonomous University of Mexico, MX

Jürgen Köhl
Wageningen University, NL

Ian Sanders
University of Lausanne, CH

Alia Rodriguez
National University Colombia, CO

Paola Bonfante
University of Turin, IT

Janet K. Jansson
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US

Laure Weisskopf
University of Fribourg, CH

Barbara Reinhold-Hurek
University of Bremen, DE

Corné Pieterse
Utrecht University, NL

Leo van Overbeek
Wageningen University, NL

Gabriele Berg
Graz University of Technology, AT

Yvan Moenne-Loccoz
University of Lyon, FR

Birgit Mitter
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, AT

Anant Patel
University of Bielefeld, DE

Claudia Preininger
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, AT

Willem Ravensberg
Koppert & IBMA, NL

Kellye Eversole
International Phytobiomes Alliance, US

Organizing Committee

Angela Sessitsch
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, AT

Birgit Mitter
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, AT

Alexandra Khassidov
ÖGMBT Austrian Association of Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology, AT


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